Some tips to help data scientist navigate faster in terminal.

pushd, popd and dirs

  1. pushd to register and change directories: pushd folder_name will change current directory to folder_name and register the folder folder_name in our stack. If no folder name is passed onto the command, it will be default to $HOME folder.
  2. popd to go to the last directory in the stack and remove it from the stack. In this example, popd will change the current working directory to folder_name.
  3. dirs will list all working directories registered in the stack. The current working directory will always be in the stack.

Moving in Commands

  1. ctrl+a: to the beginning of line
  2. ctrl+e: to the end of the line


Long Commands

  1. ctrl+x e: start using the default editor to edit the command. For example, I started to type in a command and it is getting too long, I would prefer a better editor.

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