Jupyter Notebook


  1. %lsmagic will show all the magics, including line magics and cell magics.

    1. Line magics are magics start with one %;
    2. Cell magics are magics that can be used in the whole cell even with line breaks, where the cell should start with %%.
  2. %env can be used when setting environment variables inside the notebook.

    %env MONGO_URI=localhost:27072
  3. %%bash is a cell magic that allows bash commands in the cell.

    pip install datahubxyz
  4. %%time enables timing of functions.

    for i in range(1000):

    %timeit is the corresponding line magic which times the function of the corresponding line.


  1. ?functionname (IPython, Jupyter): doc string of the function with better formatting
  2. dir(modulename) (Python, IPython, Jupyter): to get the list of attributes of the module.
  3. modulename.functionname.__doc__ (Python, IPython, Jupyter): to get the doc string of the function.

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