The Python Language: Decorators

Functions: first-class objects; can be passed around as arguments.

What that tells us about is that functions can be pass into a function or even returned by a function. For example,

def a_decoration_function( yet_another_function ):

    def wrapper():

        print('Before yet_another_function')


        print('After yet_another_function')

    return wraper

def yet_another_function():

    print('This is yet_another_function')

When we execute a_decoration_function, we will have

Before yet_another_function
This is yet_another_function
After yet_another_function

So a decorator is simply a function that takes a function as an argument, adds some salt to it.

To use the decorator, we simply use @

def my_function():
    print('This is my function')


This piece of code will return the decorated function.

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