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HTTP Keywords

  1. Hyper Text Transfer Protocal: deliver hyper text from server to local browser etc.
  2. Based on TCP/IP
  3. Current version: HTTP/2
  4. Server - Client
  5. Client can request through GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, CONNECT, PATCH.
  6. Transfer anything defined by Content-Type
  7. Connectionless Protocol: doesn’t maintain the connection all the time
  8. Stateless protocal: A very nice explanation

URL Keywords

  1. Uniform Resource Locator
  2. Interpret each part of this URL:¶m2=234
  3. No limits on length of URL by HTTP itself. However, some servers or clients do set limits.

Difference between URI and URL and URN: The Difference Between URLs and URIs checkout the Venn diagram.

From The Difference Between URLs and URIs

How HTTP Works

HTTP Request: use Chrome Dev Tool -> Network to find out the requests, including GET and Response.

How to Request

  1. GET: request for the page
  2. HEAD: similar to GET but only for the head
  3. POST: post data to the uri; data is in the body; might replace existing data
  4. PUT:
  5. DELETE: request a deletion of the page
  6. CONNECT: HTTP/1.1
  7. OPTIONS: allow the user to request for info about the server
  8. TRACE: mostly used for diagnostic purpose

GET will attach data on the URL, while POST will attach data in the package. Thus POST is safer.

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