Wiki pages for data

19 Model Selection

Some discussions about model selection

18 Tools

Notes for Tools of Data Science: Git, Command Line, Notebook, AWS etc

17 Time Series

Time series analysis with simple models

16 Survival Analysis

Survival probilities

15 Sugar

Some sugar for data science

14 Statistics

Basics of statistics

13 Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing in statistics

12 Statistical Estimation

Confidence intervals

11 Programming Languages

Understand the source

9 Node Crawler

Write a crawler using nodejs

8 Machine Learning

To make machine learning and understand machine learning

7 Dynamical System

The world is dynamic

5 Data Warehouse

Take care of your data and your data will show you its power.

4 Data Visualization

Data visualization is one of the key components in understanding data.

3 Computation

Some basics of computer science and computing knowledge for data scientists with non-CS background

1 Algorithms

I am reading and learning bit of algorithms in my work.