PySpark: Beware of Python Mutable Objects

I created this example notebook to demonstrate the potential danger when dealing with mutable objects in pyspark udfs.

In the above notebook, we can see that python lists in udfs are behaving like just pointers. For group in the aggregation, we see that the lists in the same values in column b are behaving like the same list, thus pointer like.

To solve this problem, we can do a few things.

  1. Cache the dataframe after aggregation.

    sdf_2 = sdf.groupby("language", "b").agg(F.max("b").alias("combined")).cache()
  2. Make a copy of the mutable object.

    sch = T.ArrayType(T.IntegerType())
    def add_one(data):
        b = data["b"].copy()
        b[0] = b[0] + 1
        return b

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Lei Ma (2022). 'PySpark: Beware of Python Mutable Objects', Datumorphism, 04 April. Available at: