Gibbs sampling is a sampling method for Bayesian inference and MCMC

hypothesis testing is about the probability of alternative hypothesis if the null hypothesis is true, or even more general

In statistics, we work with samples. For example, the sample mean is easily calculated. However, it …

An overview of statistics

Local Statistics Node Degree Node Degree Node degree of a node $u$ $$ d_u = \sum_{v\in \mathcal V} …

identifying the data types and level of measurement is important in data science

We all make mistakes. The question is, what kind of mistakes.

Estimates from a sample can be entitled a confidence interval

Jargons in statistics, accuracy, precision, population, sample, etl

Some basics of machine learning

Conformal prediction is a method to sequentially predict consistent confidence intervals using nonconformity measures.

The [[Ratio Cut]] Graph Cuts Cut For a subset of nodes $\mathcal A\subset \mathcal V$, the rest of …

Detecting correlations using Pearson's chi square correlation test

The Neyman-Pearson hypothesis testing tests two hypothesis, hypothesis $H$, and an alternative …

Detecting correlations using correlations for numeric data

Detecting correlations using correlations for numerical data

Linear regression of multidimensional data

Statistical test without assuming models