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Boltzmann machine is much like a spin glass model in physics. In short words, Boltzmann machine is a machine that has nodes that can take values, and the nodes are connected through some weight. It is just like any other neual nets but with complications and theoretical implications.

Measurements in machine learning

The state space model is an important category of models for sequential data such as time series

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The hidden Markov model, HMM, is a type of [[State Space Models]] State Space Models The state …

Managing workflows in machine learning projects is not trivial.

Machine learning based on bayesian statistics

Forecasting is a widely used technique in both industry and science

Conformal time series forecasting is a probabilistic forecasting method using [[Conformal …

A good representation should be able to separate different instances and cluster similar instances.

Hierarchical Classification Problem Hierarchical classification labels involves hierarchical class …

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To generate complicated distributions step by step from a simple and interpretable distribution.

Word2vec produces two embedding spaces, the in-embedding and out-embedding.

During feature engineering, we have to deal with missing values.