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The Science Part in Data Science

graph TD; s1(An Idea)--d1{Is this idea in the current literature?}; d1{Is this idea in the current literature?}--|Yes|b1(Fail); d1{Is this idea in the current literature?}--|No|b2[Weeks of work]; b2[Weeks of work]--b1(Fail);

Beer and Life Expectancy

This is a post of no analysis at all. Everything in this post is meant for fun. I moved to Germany a few weeks ago and one of the most astonishing things I noticed is that everyone is drinking so much. Yet the life expectance of Germany is pretty high. So I performed this “analysis” for fun. Life expectancy vs beer consumption (L) per capita per year. Data obtained from wikipediaList of countries by life expectancy and List of countries by beer consumption per capita.